arkadelos (arkadelos) wrote in hilldogpumas,

A bit late, but...

I was wanting to say this... everyone keeps comparing Obama to all the legendary presidents and other historical figures. Well, suddenly, Obama has actually reminded me of a historical president.

Well, Fox News had this article posted on January 24th...

While discussing the stimulus package with top lawmakers in the White House's Roosevelt Room, President Obama shot down a critic with a simple message.
"I won," he said, according to aides who were briefed on the meeting. "I will trump you on that."
The response was to the objection by Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) to the president's proposal to increase benefits for low-income workers who don't owe federal income taxes.

------------ and I realized the historical president that Obama most resembles!

He reminds me of President Andrew Jackson, nicknamed "Jackass" Yup, Obama is much more like the original Jackass of politics. Jackson created the Trail of Tears, ignored the Supreme Court ruling that gave the Cherokee the right to remain in their native land "I am the president; do as I command!" In the midst of a nasty political squabble, he shut down the federal bank, which resulted in our nation's first major economic crisis. The crisis was blamed on Martin Van Buren during his presidency...
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