arkadelos (arkadelos) wrote in hilldogpumas,

Discussing PUMAs

When I first considered my political beliefs, which was before I became anti-Democrat as a result of this election, I decided what our country really needs is for some new political parties to attain power. So, I researched the largest third parties, was overall unimpressed and not enthused, and was alright with letting the Democrats and Republicans remain the governing force of our country.

Now, the election has come and gone with horrific results. And I am thinking "we need some new political parties NOW!"

I still want the PUMAs to become a new political party with PUMA candidates and faithful PUMA voters in addition to swing voters. A true grassroots party rising to power will revive our government and our country in a way we haven't seen in over a century. I have some ideas for what their platform could be, inspired by New Agenda, and I really want to discuss this with everyone here. Maybe if we discuss it and come to an agreement, we can convince the lead PUMAs to found a new party.
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