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Hillary Clinton PUMAs Forever
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January '09: I will be re-writing the description below soon. But anyhoo, we are technically the oldest PUMA community online. We were PUMAs before they had a name. ;)

Created February 25, 2008. Saw this coming months ago, so we are proud to be the oldest Clintonite-to-McCainaanite in '08 blog community online. The ORIGINAL PUMAs!

Because the McCainaanites seek to create in Democrats a new people, they mandate the dissociation of Democrats from "Progressives" and the history of modern "Progressives". In their stead they place the culture and history of the American Founders, which they consider the true historical reference. They argue that the people of the Land of Democrats in the days of the Founders had not been "Progressives" but Democrat-Republicans, and had shared a cultural context with all peoples of the regions. Citing contemporary political criticism, the McCainaanites argue that the history books reflect this ancient history, but only partly, since it had been compiled in the period of "Progressive" Intellectualism by politically correct censors who have rewritten the history of the region to suit their world-view; much like how Bush Republicans are re-writing science into Creationism.*

Who is welcome here:

Anyone is really welcome here, but the community is going to be centered around support for these people:

-- Hillary Clinton supporters who now support Senator John McCain for president.
-- Hillary Clinton Supporters who are undecided as to whether they will support Senator John McCain for president.
-- Sympathetic Republican John McCain supporters (who've supported him all along).
-- Undecideds who remain undecided/not sure of who they would be voting for in the General Election (perhaps they voted for John Edwards or Ron Paul or any other Dem or Republican in the primaries/caucuses).
-- PUMA people ("Party Unity My Ass"). While we aren't official "PUMA"s, we do understand why the movement exists.
-- Obama supporters who can clearly demonstrate that they are thoroughly informed about their candidates' positions on the issues and acknowledge the truths about the actions of the Obama campaign during the primaries and caucuses (and then, during the meeting of the DNC's RBC).
-- Wishful thinkers who believe in a resurrection of the split ticket in a McCain/Clinton pairing (hey, Lincoln(R) had Johnson(D), so why not?).

People less welcome:

-- Hillary Clinton supporters who throughout the primaries bashed Obama up and down/left and right/to Hades and back but are now supporting Obama "because Hillary said so" (e.g., people like Taylor Marsh) and/or out of some sense of "party loyalty".
-- Rabid and stupid Obama supporters, i.e. Obamatons/Obamatrons. These are the people who will tell you to "GO LOOK AT OBAMA'S WEBSITE!" when you ask them what they know about Obama's positions, and the kind of people who are mental slaves to the "CLINTON IS RACIST!/CLINTON FEELS LIKE SHE'S ENTITLED!" bunch of bull. Said people also tend to go blind towards the mainstream media articles about how cult-like Obama's following is, how Obama's campaign has been race-baiting since the beginning of the primaries and how Obama's legislative "record" sucks. They also tend to be completely blind to racism coming from African Americans and other people of color and the utterly vile and stupid/false things said not just by Obama's pastors but by his wife, Michelle (this would be the First Lady of the United States, people, so yes, it does matter).

The people in the second category are less welcome, but welcome nonetheless. However, they will be banned at the first charge of racism at any of our members. That b.s. is not going to fly in this community. The rules for the second category are also subject to change if things get out of hand.

General Rules:

-- The posts are moderated. This means you won't see your post immediately after you posted it. Sometimes I may forget that it's moderated, but I'm trying my best to keep up with it.
-- Try to remain civil if you're attacked. I won't remove anyone unless they're deemed a nuisance on the community (as for who gets to deem anyone a nuisance, it depends...we haven't run into that problem yet, but if it does come up, I'll make it a democratic decision).
-- The community is changing and growing as time goes on. We'll see what happens.

McCainaanite-friendly Blogs (Group & Personal):

http://noquarterusa.net/ No Quarter, Larry Johnson's Blog Site
http://riverdaughter.wordpress.com/ Riverdaughter
http://savagepolitics.com/ Savage Politics (nothing to do with MICHAEL Savage, thank G-d)
http://reagandemsformccain.blogspot.com/ Reagan Democrats for McCain
http://jewagainstobama.wordpress.com/ Jews Against Obama
http://sugarnspice.typepad.com/sugar_n_spicea_meeting_pl/ Sugar N Spice's Blog (AA woman formerly for Hillary/now for McCain)
http://formerobamasupporters.com/ New blog for former Obama suppporters
http://thedenvergroup.blogspot.com/ A PAC committed towards preserving the Democratic Nomination Process
http://chicagoagainstobama.wordpress.com/ Chicagoans Against Obama
http://countusout.wordpress.com/ PUMAs for McCain/Palin

McCainaanite-friendly Websites:

http://www.justsaynodeal.com/ Just Say No Deal! (list of over 200 NObama blogs/websites)
http://demsformccain.webs.com/ Democrats for McCain
http://demsformccain.blogspot.com/ (more) Democrats for McCain
http://www.dems4mccain.info/ (even MORE) Dems4McCain (they've got bumper stickers)
http://blog.pumapac.org/ PUMAs (a new movement: "Party Unity My Ass")
http://clintons4mccain.com/ Clintons4McCain
http://democrats-against-obama.org/ Hillary Democrats Against Obama

If you have a blog site or a website that is Hilldog and McCainaanite friendly, please drop me a message via LJ Messages.

Cool McCain Links:

Architectural Digest 2005 Article about the McCain Home (with pics)
Meghan McCain's Blog
Senator John McCain's Official Website
Wiki's John McCain Page

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(More to come.)
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