The Clinton-lovin' Communist (theclamsman) wrote in hilldogpumas,
The Clinton-lovin' Communist

I'm surprised no one posted this.

I've been busy with pain, life and volunteering for an animal rescue, but this link caught my eye over at The Confluence and thought it would be important to post here, too.

President Barack Obama can't top Hillary Clinton in job approval rating.

They just can't keep that bitch down, huh?

Speaking of bitches, there's also flap about MEchelle "Tacky O"'s shoes. My general thoughts about that is that Tacky O has horrible taste in clothing (her inauguration...thing...looked like my grandmother's couch barfed all over her), has horrible posture that makes her not wear clothing well (the vulture-like craning of the neck forward makes her look like a man who's uncomfortable in a dress; straighten that crap up and she might look better) and has revealed herself to be the penultimate hypocrite, a ripe one who jumped on the critical bandwagon that trashed Palin during the campaign for the amount [that the Republicans] spent on clothing Palin while she wears $600 shoes to "feed the homeless". And yet, everyone writing about this now is acting like they're surprised at this blatant display of callous-and-cluelessness by the bourgeouis MEchelle Antoinette...why? Why, when many of us "racists" were already telling the world what kind of woman MEchelle Obama is? Big, giant facepalm. The left truly has been living with blinders on.

But I digress. I probably should've stuck to the awesomeness that is our Hillary, but is news and we haven't had much lately.

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