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Cythnia Ruccia's method for convincing people to change their sexist beliefs

On the blog for the New Agenda, there was a post about the recent Palin hate:

In the comments section, Cynthia Ruccia posted her method for convincing people of the sexism and convincing them to change their ways. This place has been really quiet lately, and I am going to share it.

1) Listen to them—–get them to spew out all of the venom against Palin, in this instance, but other instances as well. Palin is not the only example, just the most visible. Keep asking leading questions so that they have spoken their mind. Bite your tongue until they have finished. This is hard to do, but remember we are on a mission—-a mission to help people see light instead of being venomous. They will be unable to hear anything until they have emptied their brain of its contents on this subject.

2) Say these words, “I understand the way you feel, and I know that alot of people have felt that way, but you know, I did some looking around, and I discovered that __________(insert the truth).

3) Finally, say, “You know, I heard so many lies over and over again that I have come to see that so much of it is sexist, misogynist bashing. I decided that I wasn’t going to take part in criticizing another woman until I had the facts. It is bad for the girls growing up in a country that treats its women leaders this way. We don’t need to join in with the people who are being vile just because we disagree.”

It’s alot of words to memorize, but take a minute and try it out and practice it a few times. Print it out and carry it around with you. Read it off a page if you must. You can explain to others that you get so upset when the subject comes up that you wanted to make sure from now on that you expressed yourself the way you wanted to. People will get that and it might even make the point you are making that much more powerful.
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