arkadelos (arkadelos) wrote in hilldogpumas,

research paper

In about two months, I have to complete a research paper for my Historical Methods class... inspired by the 2008 election, I decided to compare/contrast pro-suffrage women and anti-suffrage women (I think the latter existed) with the pro-misogyny women of the 2008 election against Clinton and Palin.
I have No Quarter (thank you, Clamsman), and NOW to highlight the misogyny and the hypocrisy. You can see a list of links on my LJ. I believe McCain made a reference to the C-Tshirts during the final debate, but I don't know if there is a video of it available; that would be a great primary source.
I am not entirely certain where to look for more information. Most of it is online, I am sure. I need more sources for the misogyny and also more sources about Clinton's and Palin's expertise.
I also need to look up anti-suffrage women. There is plenty of pro-suffrage material in the campus library and museum. I heard that if I look up the pro-suffrage, I will find rebuttals and references to the anti-suffrage.
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