The Clinton-lovin' Communist (theclamsman) wrote in hilldogpumas,
The Clinton-lovin' Communist

You might've noticed a subtle change today...

...and I don't mean in D.C.

I had been wanting to unveil the new name and comm with more fanfare than this, but given my health/non-presence on LJ as a whole, I haven't been able to get to making the new header. I will do that ASAP.

But today isn't a day of celebration for me.

Today could have been a day for women all over the world to celebrate the true achievement of equality in American government. Instead, we'll have to settle for watching 24, where the writers were smart enough to do what the American people weren't smart enough to do.

Today we could have celebrated TRUE history--an event where a true champion of human rights could've made even BIGGER history, having become the first First Lady to ever become president.

But because of this poseur for "human rights" was shoved down our throats, that dream was shattered, and womens' rights, gay rights and race relations have been set back many years. I offer proof of the bullshit that happened in Oakland a couple of weeks ago (right on my street, BTW) as evidence of the latter. As for gay rights--well, look at what we have. Obama is going to repeal DADT, which is just wonderful--it'll put us back to square one with the military, seeing that DADT was Clinton's compromise because he couldn't get anything else past the gay-hating Republicans of his time. Obama has never marched in a gay pride parade, and continues to flaunt gay-hating assholes in front of our faces; and yet Obama is being hailed as a "uniter". Right.

I am also appalled at the comparisons to MLK and juxtaposition to Lincoln. Obama is no MLK nor is he Lincoln. He's not going to "free the black community" of anything. Again, see what happened in Oakland for that. If anything, race relations in this country were made worse, because the people who were Clintonites don't trust the idiots who bullied us in the primaries or the young idiots who continued to shove Obama down our throats AFTER the primaries and who attacked Palin.

No, today isn't a celebration for me. It is a wake. While I'm glad to see the buffoon go, I'm having second thoughts--it might be better to have a stupid buffoon who doesn't know what he's doing in the WH than having a SMART buffoon who doesn't know what he's doing in the WH.

Anyway. Enjoy the new community name and thank the anon who gave me the rename token (unless I'm blind and it WASN'T which case, I thank you anyway, whoever you are).

-- Lord Mod and Clintonite for Life

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