arkadelos (arkadelos) wrote in hilldogpumas,

A rather unusual request

I received a letter from my friend in California asking about the sexism in the Obama campaign. She never noticed any sexism, but then again, I never noticed it either until I became more active on the internet. My friend doesn't have internet access on a regular basis. Sometimes two weeks pass, and sometimes two months pass. So, I want to send her some pictures to prove the sexism to her. I pasted in a letter the pic of Obama's speechwriter Favreau groping Hillary Clinton. I also want to post a picture of some people wearing "Sarah Palin is a cunt" T-shirts. I know I have seen that picture on a news website, I think, but I cannot recall where. Does anyone have any pics handy? Oh, and if anyone can give any examples of anything Obama personally has done such as during the primaries...
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