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TWO posts in one day? I KNOW, RIGHT? [07 Apr 2010|11:25am]

I would encourage everyone to vote for Hills in the TIME 100 Poll.


Give her a 100 rating, so her average goes up, LOL! Same goes for Bill:


His average is better than Hill's, but Hilldog fans can do better for both. Right now I'm kinda on the Team Coco (Conan O'Brien) page, though, but it would be nice to see the Clintons catch up to the Top 5 (seriously, Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga? Puhlease...) in both vote totals and vote average.

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Quiet in here. And this link is rather superficial. [07 Apr 2010|07:58am]

BUT I woke up to this in my tabs (apparently my girlfriend wanted me to read it). It is interesting, to say the least, and the comment discussion is respectful and provocative.

The Beauty Trap: Hillary Clinton and Norman Mailer's "Last Wife"

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Blog writing [21 Feb 2010|04:38am]

The New Agenda needs more blog writers for non-political issues. Would you be interested?

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O rly nao, Mr. Resident in Chief? [23 Jan 2010|08:46am]

Loooong time no post. I have lifted the moderation on the posts, so you all that are left are free to post Clinton and White House-related posts. But if any of you guys encounter any problems or trolls, please feel free to beat them down and let me know.

So. I have been relatively quiet, but I've been watching what the O has been doing, but I want to keep my promise of keeping O's feet to the fire and calling him out on his b.s. This one that I am posting about today got me laughing out loud, because it contains a link to a post that I didn't think I had to keep posting over and over again to remind people of just how much of a liar and hypocrite the O is.

U.S. President Barack Obama used his weekly radio address on Saturday to assail a Supreme Court ruling this week clearing the way for corporations to spend freely on political advertisements, calling it a big victory for special interests and "devastating to the public interest." He added that his administration is working with Congress to develop a bipartisan legislative solution to override the ruling.

"The last thing we need to do is hand more influence to the lobbyists in Washington, or more power to the special interests to tip the outcome of elections," Obama said in his address.

The Supreme Court ruling, narrowly decided on a 5-4 vote, overturned restrictions on campaign financing contained in a law written by Sens. John McCain (R., Ariz.) and Russ Feingold (D., Wisc.), finding them to be an unconstitutional limit on free speech. Obama expressed concern that the decision "opens the floodgates for an unlimited amount of special interest money in our democracy," including by foreign corporations with an interest in the outcome of U.S. elections.

"This ruling strikes at our democracy itself," said Obama.

Really, Oblahma? This is devastating to the public interest? So...I guess you want us all to forget about the money you got from Exelon to kill that bill you were preparing when you were the credit-sucking Senator, huh.

G-d, this is why I rarely post. It just raises my bp all over again. Someone please post something awesome about the Clintons in the next post.

P.S. I called my mother this week and she told me she voted for Scott Brown; that she's sworn off the Demorats after they screwed over Hillary.

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Long time, no post. [07 Aug 2009|04:33am]

Been busy with other things.

But have also found myself not caring at all WTF Obama does (I mean, I do read about it, but I don't care enough to rant about it, since he's going to do what he's going to do). And lately I've become the typical, average American in terms of SOS Clinton, as well; the typical, average American doesn't give a crap what's going on outside of the U.S. I try to pay attention, but every time I even think about how the world is right now, I get angry because I know that the Presidency would be much greater in HER hands than in Obama's (and then that brings me back to the horrible primaries and what happened and it just makes me sick all over again).

However, I am greatly amused that the featured video on the World News page of Google News happens to be this one:

Seems to me that no matter how much "progressive" posturing Obama does, Bill always pops up and steals the thunder. The Clintons (particularly Bill) are still well-loved and highly respected (Kim Jong sure liked him...but perhaps he just wanted to stick it to Obama, since Kim Jong specifically requested that Bill be sent to the country re: the release negotiations of those two reporters...which is interesting, since he is the former and not current president). And man, does it piss the Obamatrons and the Neocons off bigtime! I'm loving watching them hem and haw over it while forgetting the most important thing: Those two journalists are now safe at home and not facing 12 years of hard labor.

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I'm surprised no one posted this. [05 May 2009|10:42am]

I've been busy with pain, life and volunteering for an animal rescue, but this link caught my eye over at The Confluence and thought it would be important to post here, too.

President Barack Obama can't top Hillary Clinton in job approval rating.

They just can't keep that bitch down, huh?

Speaking of bitches, there's also flap about MEchelle "Tacky O"'s shoes. My general thoughts about that is that Tacky O has horrible taste in clothing (her inauguration...thing...looked like my grandmother's couch barfed all over her), has horrible posture that makes her not wear clothing well (the vulture-like craning of the neck forward makes her look like a man who's uncomfortable in a dress; straighten that crap up and she might look better) and has revealed herself to be the penultimate hypocrite, a ripe one who jumped on the critical bandwagon that trashed Palin during the campaign for the amount [that the Republicans] spent on clothing Palin while she wears $600 shoes to "feed the homeless". And yet, everyone writing about this now is acting like they're surprised at this blatant display of callous-and-cluelessness by the bourgeouis MEchelle Antoinette...why? Why, when many of us "racists" were already telling the world what kind of woman MEchelle Obama is? Big, giant facepalm. The left truly has been living with blinders on.

But I digress. I probably should've stuck to the awesomeness that is our Hillary, but eh...news is news and we haven't had much lately.

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A Cynthia Ruccia post [10 Apr 2009|03:56pm]

and a little bit of activist spam:
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Cythnia Ruccia's method for convincing people to change their sexist beliefs [10 Apr 2009|03:45pm]

On the blog for the New Agenda, there was a post about the recent Palin hate: http://thenewagenda.net/2009/04/07/oh-do-we-have-to-listen-to-this-again/

In the comments section, Cynthia Ruccia posted her method for convincing people of the sexism and convincing them to change their ways. This place has been really quiet lately, and I am going to share it.
RucciaCollapse )
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research paper [10 Mar 2009|11:13am]

In about two months, I have to complete a research paper for my Historical Methods class... inspired by the 2008 election, I decided to compare/contrast pro-suffrage women and anti-suffrage women (I think the latter existed) with the pro-misogyny women of the 2008 election against Clinton and Palin.
I have No Quarter (thank you, Clamsman), and NOW to highlight the misogyny and the hypocrisy. You can see a list of links on my LJ. I believe McCain made a reference to the C-Tshirts during the final debate, but I don't know if there is a video of it available; that would be a great primary source.
I am not entirely certain where to look for more information. Most of it is online, I am sure. I need more sources for the misogyny and also more sources about Clinton's and Palin's expertise.
I also need to look up anti-suffrage women. There is plenty of pro-suffrage material in the campus library and museum. I heard that if I look up the pro-suffrage, I will find rebuttals and references to the anti-suffrage.
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drumroll, please [02 Mar 2009|07:37am]

Guess which rising star politician is being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? Will he actually win the award? Just what in the world is going on?

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my computer does not like the stimulus [24 Feb 2009|12:44pm]

I tried to open up the stimulus this morning, but it was so huge I kept receiving a warning that the file would cause my computer to freeze up.
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A bit late, but... [29 Jan 2009|11:26am]

I was wanting to say this... everyone keeps comparing Obama to all the legendary presidents and other historical figures. Well, suddenly, Obama has actually reminded me of a historical president.

Well, Fox News had this article posted on January 24th...

While discussing the stimulus package with top lawmakers in the White House's Roosevelt Room, President Obama shot down a critic with a simple message.
"I won," he said, according to aides who were briefed on the meeting. "I will trump you on that."
The response was to the objection by Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) to the president's proposal to increase benefits for low-income workers who don't owe federal income taxes.

------------ and I realized the historical president that Obama most resembles!

He reminds me of President Andrew Jackson, nicknamed "Jackass" Yup, Obama is much more like the original Jackass of politics. Jackson created the Trail of Tears, ignored the Supreme Court ruling that gave the Cherokee the right to remain in their native land "I am the president; do as I command!" In the midst of a nasty political squabble, he shut down the federal bank, which resulted in our nation's first major economic crisis. The crisis was blamed on Martin Van Buren during his presidency...
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You might've noticed a subtle change today... [20 Jan 2009|12:20pm]

...and I don't mean in D.C.

I had been wanting to unveil the new name and comm with more fanfare than this, but given my health/non-presence on LJ as a whole, I haven't been able to get to making the new header. I will do that ASAP.

But today isn't a day of celebration for me.

Today could have been a day for women all over the world to celebrate the true achievement of equality in American government. Instead, we'll have to settle for watching 24, where the writers were smart enough to do what the American people weren't smart enough to do.

Today we could have celebrated TRUE history--an event where a true champion of human rights could've made even BIGGER history, having become the first First Lady to ever become president.

But because of this poseur for "human rights" was shoved down our throats, that dream was shattered, and womens' rights, gay rights and race relations have been set back many years. I offer proof of the bullshit that happened in Oakland a couple of weeks ago (right on my street, BTW) as evidence of the latter. As for gay rights--well, look at what we have. Obama is going to repeal DADT, which is just wonderful--it'll put us back to square one with the military, seeing that DADT was Clinton's compromise because he couldn't get anything else past the gay-hating Republicans of his time. Obama has never marched in a gay pride parade, and continues to flaunt gay-hating assholes in front of our faces; and yet Obama is being hailed as a "uniter". Right.

I am also appalled at the comparisons to MLK and juxtaposition to Lincoln. Obama is no MLK nor is he Lincoln. He's not going to "free the black community" of anything. Again, see what happened in Oakland for that. If anything, race relations in this country were made worse, because the people who were Clintonites don't trust the idiots who bullied us in the primaries or the young idiots who continued to shove Obama down our throats AFTER the primaries and who attacked Palin.

No, today isn't a celebration for me. It is a wake. While I'm glad to see the buffoon go, I'm having second thoughts--it might be better to have a stupid buffoon who doesn't know what he's doing in the WH than having a SMART buffoon who doesn't know what he's doing in the WH.

Anyway. Enjoy the new community name and thank the anon who gave me the rename token (unless I'm blind and it WASN'T anonymous...in which case, I thank you anyway, whoever you are).

-- Lord Mod and Clintonite for Life

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Discussing PUMAs [11 Jan 2009|09:45pm]

When I first considered my political beliefs, which was before I became anti-Democrat as a result of this election, I decided what our country really needs is for some new political parties to attain power. So, I researched the largest third parties, was overall unimpressed and not enthused, and was alright with letting the Democrats and Republicans remain the governing force of our country.

Now, the election has come and gone with horrific results. And I am thinking "we need some new political parties NOW!"

I still want the PUMAs to become a new political party with PUMA candidates and faithful PUMA voters in addition to swing voters. A true grassroots party rising to power will revive our government and our country in a way we haven't seen in over a century. I have some ideas for what their platform could be, inspired by New Agenda, and I really want to discuss this with everyone here. Maybe if we discuss it and come to an agreement, we can convince the lead PUMAs to found a new party.
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Fairness Doctrine, Equal Time Act [09 Jan 2009|08:08am]

I have to ask 'cause I am a bit confused over the matter. What is the difference between the Fairness Doctrine and the Equal Time Act? I ask to gather material for my next en masse letter drive.
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She has a halo! [08 Jan 2009|10:02am]

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A rather unusual request [07 Jan 2009|04:48am]

I received a letter from my friend in California asking about the sexism in the Obama campaign. She never noticed any sexism, but then again, I never noticed it either until I became more active on the internet. My friend doesn't have internet access on a regular basis. Sometimes two weeks pass, and sometimes two months pass. So, I want to send her some pictures to prove the sexism to her. I pasted in a letter the pic of Obama's speechwriter Favreau groping Hillary Clinton. I also want to post a picture of some people wearing "Sarah Palin is a cunt" T-shirts. I know I have seen that picture on a news website, I think, but I cannot recall where. Does anyone have any pics handy? Oh, and if anyone can give any examples of anything Obama personally has done such as during the primaries...
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Just when you thought his ego couldn't get bigger... [24 Dec 2008|06:26am]

...Obama has selected to use the Bible that Abraham Lincoln was sworn in on, even though it hasn't been used since Lincoln last used it.

Wow. Just goes to show you how ginormous his ego is, and how sad it is that Americans have come to accept corrupt and corrosive leaders.

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PUMAs [05 Dec 2008|07:27pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey, I'm curious... does anyone know the condition of the PUMAs?

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What a great way to begin a presidency! [18 Dec 2008|03:03pm]

This won't surprise anyone in this community.

Rick Warren in Obama Inauguration
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